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Whenever we go out to buy some huge furniture or appliances, the first thing that comes to our mind is their safety. While at the store, we look for options to get them home. At these moments, you can consider hiring us, as we also provide local delivery services. We can transport furniture, appliances, and large items from the store to your home. We also provide transportation services to local consignment stores. We have been the mover of choice for local furniture stores to deliver floor samples and resale shops to get furniture delivered. When customers have moving or estate sales, there is always a large or awkward piece that you just can't fit in the car. Please contact us and let us see what we can do to help. Number one - the owner of the home or business wants to ensure their home or building is safe by using a reputable moving company. Number two - you want to make sure that your items are not damaged in transit. We ensure this by using blankets and shrink wrapping your furniture. Your items are pad wrapped from point A to point B. We remove them when your item is at its new home. Please call us next time you go shopping for furniture.

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